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Photo Sessions

My main goal is to capture your personalities and relationships by simply letting you be you. While I aim to capture the beautiful family portrait that will go above the fireplace, my real passion is all of the giggles, hugs, and interactions that happen between the posed shots. This in-between is where life is truly lived and I want to capture that so you can always remember how you and your kids were at that exact point in time. As a result, my sessions are lighthearted and fun so that I can preserve these memories for you. Kids love the fun. Husbands love the ease. Moms love the results.

Available options

Mini Sessions

This session is perfect for families or couples who want to capture who they are right now without the long session. Whether it’s an update for someone who takes photos often, a quick session for a Christmas card, or documenting a little one’s upcoming birthday, the mini session allows for a quicker, cheaper option to achieve beautiful photos!

Mini sessions last 20 minutes and are perfect for keeping the attention of little ones. I schedule one mini-session day per month, with back-to-back sessions, so book your spot!

Full Sessions

A full session is ideal for those clients who really want to capture the personalities and mannerisms of their family members. This is where the in-between is really found. The longer session allows us to take photos of everyone perfectly posed, but more importantly, allows your family to interact and bring out each other’s personalities. It’s your son blowing on a dandelion. It’s your daughter holding her sister’s hand. It’s your spouse brushing the hair off your face. These are the moments you want to remember and it’s this session that will provide for those memories.

Full sessions last 60-80 minutes and you can expect 60-70 photos. I book one full session per month, so book quickly! If your desired month is already booked, reach out to me and we’ll see if we can accommodate.

What to Expect

Once your session is booked you will receive an email confirmation and one week before your session I will reach out to confirm and make sure we are all on track!

All mini sessions locations will be pre-determined but if you book a full session I will reach out to select that location with you. From there, I’m happy to help give recommendations and share some help if you need it for outfits!

On the day of your photos, I want you to feel relaxed and no pressure. I will be sure to get the “Christmas card” photos where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera, and after that we will focus on candids and the in betweens. There is nothing I love hearing more then “can we do that again??” after our session is finished!

My typical turn around time is 2-4 weeks, but it varies depending on the season. Once your photos are done, I’ll email you a link to the gallery with all the images.

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