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Professional Editing for Photographers

Simplify your workload by outsourcing your photo editing! This allows you to free up time & energy for what you're most passionate about, all while providing a high-end experience for your clients.

Lightroom Editing


  • Preset Application
  • White Balance
  • Exposure Adjustmenets
  • HSL Sliders
  • Cropping
Culling of Photos
The Process

Loading Your Lightroom Catalog


Culling Images

If you are culling your own images, make sure they are all in the Lightroom catalog you are sending. Only include images to be edited in your catalog.


Create New Catalog

Use the session name as the title for the new catalog. Please include at least 4 images edited and starred using the preset you want as well as the overall look you'd like for the session. This is how I will match the edit of the remaining images.


Export Catalog

Go to File > Export As Catalog, then select Build/Include Smart Previews and Include Available Previews only. Compress + zip the file.


Upload to Dropbox Link Provided

Once edited, I will send the catalog to you in the same Dropbox folder we will create for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not listed below? Shoot me an email at!

How does the process work?

I edited using Adobe Lightroom Classic with Smart Previews. You do not have to send me presets or any of your personal information. You will create anchor images and I will then make all necessary adjustments so that the entire gallery is cohesive and complete. This includes cropping, necessary white balance/tint, and lighting adjustments. 

Who do you edit for?

I can take on any and all sessions currently. 

What is your turnaround time?

I will have your gallery back to you within 3-5 days for portrait sessions, and 5-7 days for all weddings. 

How do I send my images?

Catalogs will be uploaded through a personal dropbox link that we will share. Directions for how to upload you can find here. (insert link) I will then place your final catalog back in our same folder. 

Are additional adjustments included in your editing service?

Masking, brushes, graduated filters, and radial filters not included in the standard editing service. I am happy to do that for you at a rate of $.55 per image edited. Please email for more information.

Do you provide black and white conversions?

Yes I can convert some of your gallery to BW. I can do this as a virtual copy or just a main BW image. If you have spepcif images you want BW, I will have you label them differently when you send them over. 

Do you offer culling?

Yes! Culling is $.05 per image reviewed. 

Do you offer a rush service?

Yes! This will be case by case, but typically, it’s an additional 25% for a 3 day turnaround, and 50% fee for 2 day turnaround. During slow season, I can typically accommodate with no rush fees! 

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